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Almost 2017



Imagination decks

Collections of small pictures that can be used for old and new purposes.

Let a picture suggest something you have been trying to say.

Strange tiny theater

Something new.


Wonderful wandering weather


To face the fear


In 2008 I lived in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, where I found an unusual enthusiasm for All Saint’s Eve . I love American folk arts.

A picture that tells a story.

Almost home


Imagination Decks is an idea that uses little pictures. Each picture is a world unto itself. What happens when you have more than one picture?

Picture cards are nothing new, playing cards can be used in many ways. Greeting cards, and identification cards are familiar traditional forms. Playing with ideas is something that comes naturally, and there are lots of benefits. This particular adventure is a new idea I had in 1980.

I think my new thing is all about simple collections of pictures. A set of images which represent one or more ideas.  Ideas are a form of art and a topic for discussion.

The name Imagination Decks is probably outmoded. I want to introduce new people to the idea I have for exploring the possibilities for small pictures, using symbols and codes and units of meaning in new ways and old ways. Maybe its an art project, everybody make picture cards and we can figure out a way to share them appropriately.

Everybody does things with pictures, its not a new idea. I am looking for new and old ideas for using picture cards. I want to see what other people make of this notion. I want to see new pictures!

Is it like selling a painting? It works nicely for free on the computer, so that could be a huge part of the deal. Selling pictures, cards, printed cards, a set of them, colorful cards on stiff paper and with a box and an invitation for taking this idea forward and getting your own recognition for it seems like a simple business model.

What if this could mean new opportunities for income for contributing artists? Can this kind of loose sharing experience become something that might mean contributors getting paid for making picture cards?


be long gone

Here we come

Here we come!

Drawing by LMT

be here now

I will be traveling at the end of the month of August.  There is much to do.

My purpose for this website is to provide some kind of perspective on what I do, what I have done, and whatever comes next. I am telling this story over and over again, here are the highlights:

Imagination Decks is my great hope, I started it in 1980 with my friend LMT, she created the Story Deck and the Poetry Deck,  I was inspired by a book called Be Here Now by Ram Dass, it came with some picture cards. They gave me ideas.

Artism is never going to be finished.

Cassette Mythos is all about audio cassette art made in the 1980s.

Indices Unlimited is my indexing business that has not created any income since 1995, but I know it could with a client who needs indexing services.

Albion, Michigan is my home town, my place of birth.

Its a long road a-winding to the land of my dreams.

Today is Nagasaki day, 71 years now.

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